NTMA 3D Prints – Sandals for Michael


NTMA 3D Prints – Sandals for Michael

November 22, 2016



On December 22, 2015 the city of Ontario, California unveiled an inspiring art piece by Giorgio Tuscani in Memoriam of Michael Pontell. The breathtaking translucent sculpture titled, “Conversations with Michael” sat at the Ontario Town Square.


Michael David Pontell was a writer, a dreamer, and a champion for other young writers whose voices had yet to be heard. An author himself of two books, Michael founded Onlinbrary as a platform for students and budding authors to have their work published on the open market. “To write about your life,” Michael wrote on the company’s website, “To share and support others in their creativity. To be supported in your own. This is where you turn when publishers and agents turn you down. This is where you decide how far you go, how high you climb. No one will stop you here. Create. Share. Enjoy.”


Earlier this year the statue was taken down for repairs. Now, the NTMA Training Centers of Southern California has stepped in to work with the City of Ontario to help safeguard the statue from vandalism. Using the Airwolf 3D printer at the Ontario campus, we are printing a draft of the sandals to make sure “the shoe fits”. Or in this case, the sandal.


Currently, the project is in the Research and development phase but these sandals will eventually be made of steel once the statue is back on display at the Ontario Town Square.